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  • Jan 21, 2016 BERNE Joins #DonateDenim Campaign BERNE Apparel joined the #DonateDenim campaign by donating 1,000 pairs of jeans to those in need.
  • Sep 1, 2015 Introducing the Adder System Introducing BERNE Concealed Carry Workwear (CCW) featuring the Adder System. This all new line of workwear features the patent pending Adder System pocket that gives users fast access to concealed weapons through a quick opening pocket. 


About BERNE Apparel. Quality since 1915.


In 1915, The Berne Overall & Shirt Company was founded in the small Indiana community of Berne, Indiana. Their goal then was to provide the mid-western farming community with work clothing that was durable yet still affordable. Over the years, the company grew immensely and expanded into many new product lines. The company has changed names throughout its history and is most commonly known as Berne Apparel, or just BERNE for those that know them best. Presently, Berne's global headquarter office and distribution center is located in the small town of Ossian, Indiana, just a few miles south of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

As you may have noticed, the company's logo features the silhouette of a bear. The city of Berne, Indiana was settled in 1852 by immigrants from Switzerland who elected to name their community for the capital of Switzerland. Swiss heritage to this day still runs deep in the residents of Berne, Indiana. Since a bear had been displayed on the Berne, Switzerland coat of arms for centuries, it was included in the corporate logo.

To this day, a bear still serves as the mascot of Berne Apparel. In fact, the company sponsors a live Kodiak Grizzly bear named Brody who continues to represent the company with live appearances throughout the country.

Today, Berne offers an incredible assortment of work clothing for men, women and youth. Their products are known in the industry for their rugged quality and exceptional value. Learn more about our new products by reading the BERNE Difference.


The Berne Overall & Shirt Company building in downtown Berne, 1950.

This photograph is the same street corner shown in the photo to the left years later after the company changed names to Berco, Inc and expanded the building.

The current global headquarters of BERNE located in Ossian Indiana, just south of Fort Wayne Indiana.